Tuesday, June 29, 2004

More on Aspergers

What IS Asperger: "

Every person in the world will have a few of these signs. It is when a person has a lot of them, and also when the intensity of the symptoms is more extreme than in the average person, that there may be cause for concern. Each person who has Asperger Syndrome is also an individual, and may not have exactly the same profile of characteristics as another. Every possible symptom of Asperger Syndrome is not listed here. A more precise check-list is provided under the heading "Diagnostic Criteria", also on this website.
* Difficulty making friends and in general social interaction.
* Difficulty understanding non-verbal social cues such as facial expressions and body language.
* Communication difficulties, e.g. not understanding the mechanics of a conversation situation.
* May be either withdrawn, or makes over-eager, inappropriate approaches to others.
* Difficulty understanding that others may have thoughts or feelings different from one's own.
* Obsessive focus on narrow interests, e.g. train timetables, or obsessively collecting items.
* Awkward or clumsy motor skills, co-ordination or balance difficulties.
* Over-sensitivity to sudden noises, and/or other sensory inputs, e.g. textures.
* Eye contact may be lacking or unusual, e.g. staring.
* Inflexibility about routine, especially when changes occur spontaneously.
* Odd quality to voice, e.g. monotone.
* Problems with understanding idiomatic expressions, i.e. taking things literally.
* Difficulty with multi-tasking, or in coping with more than one significant issue.
* Difficulty in thinking or performing under pressure.
* Tendency to be able to deal with only one sensory channel at once, e.g. seeing OR hearing, not both.
* Tendency to be overly sensitive to criticism, failure, and humiliation.

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