Wednesday, June 30, 2004

.NET Architecture Center: Service Oriented Architecture

.NET Architecture Center: Service Oriented Architecture: "Metropolis : Envisioning the Service-Oriented Enterprise
Presenter: Pat Helland, Architect, .NET Enterprise Architecture Team
Cities emerge one building at a time, but with the right planning codes the result can be more graceful and functional than anything one architect could conceive alone. Are services the Jerusalem stone of information technology, the facade that unites old and new to the benefit of all? What will an organizational technology portfolio look like in ten years time? How will advances in technology transform business and business processes? What are the key architectural patterns? What are the new limits? What do you set in motion today to anticipate the architecture of tomorrow?
View the Metropolis Overview, Overview of Services, Metropolis as Guidance or the entire presentation. "

Gotta Love Pat Helland

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