Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Why did microsoft buy out Lookout?: "Think of it this way: You find pencils to be useful, but you always run out of erasers, so you buy those extra eraser blocks. They aren't critical, but it makes a big difference to your experience. Suddenly Bic buys the eraser block makers and takes them off the market. When you ask what's going on, Bic says, 'We're busy working to integrate eraser blocks into our new highlighters'.

Lookout's technology might make sense in MSN, but it also made sense in Outlook. The question is, why is it now unavailable for it's originally intended purpose? "


Nathan said...

Actually Lookout is available for download (it's even the latest version 1.2)



Mr Dee said...

Yes it is, no it isn't, Yes it is...
microsoft keeps moving stuff - let's hope this link stays alive (and MS keeps imporving the product)

P.S. Nathan is the first evidence I have had that my blog is read! - Thanks Nathan.

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