Thursday, July 22, 2004

Upgrade or Die?

InfoWorld: Microsoft invests $50M to spur Windows, Office upgrades: "Many businesses continue to rely on older version of Windows on the desktop. Research firm Gartner Inc. in a poll of attendees at its U.S. Symposium in October last year found that only 14 percent of attendees had upgraded to the three year-old Windows XP. The poll, answered by 186 people, represented more than 1.3 million desktops and 460,000 laptops. "

The other day I used Office 97 on Windows 95. you know it still works!
I could type a letter, insert graphics, print it, file it, search for it.
Comparing 97 to 2003 I find that setting up tables is just as confusing and bullets & auto-numbering is still brain dead. When I go to a ramdom place in the document hit the delete key it is still a game of russian roulette as to what formatting will be applied, and deleting inside a bullet list is something only to be tried AFTER prozac.

After squillions of R&D could they please fix this stuff and not worry about reference book look-up, online collaboration (does ANYONE use this)

And while we are at it why does Windows still forget that I prefer detailed list view in explorer.

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