Monday, August 02, 2004

TechEd NZ - Day One

TechEd 2004 NZ

Tech Ed started with a bang and a roar. SOOO many people. I would have traken notes but, there was no pen supplied. Can you believe that? you pay an arm and a leg and no pen... or pad.. or eval forms.... note to self - pick these up later... too much to see.

ARC301 Metropolis: Envisioning the Service-Oriented Enterprise
Harry Pierson presented this fabulously - if you watch nothing else on the DVD set, this will give you a fresh perspective on where IT is going

ARC303 Business value of Enterprise Architecture
Mark Carroll - WARNING buzz word alert!
however when you actually understand what he is saying the value is obvious. I am looking forward to getting the slide deck (still no pen)

ARC401 Data in Services-Oriented Architecture
Harry Pierson - This guy is on fire. I will ahve to digest this session futher, but to see some flesh on the fiefdoms concept has made TechEd worth coming to this year (yay a pen was found, and a t-shirt, squeeze ball etc - must say though meagre pickings for geek pack-rats)

SEC402 Network Threat Modeling
Jesper Johansson - Such a shame I missed this gut earlier - tomorrow I will not miss him (despite 8:30 start) Animated, funny, INFORMATIVE. why are security guys so entertaining? Steve Riley et al.

did I mention the food - Not bad.

If they could find a way of letting us get from one seminar to the next without risking life an limb (bad queues due to sponsers on bith sides of narrow corridor, and a VERY dodgy escalator) I would be happier.)

don't you just love Tech Ed? I know I do.

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