Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Fire & motion or Innovation?

Microsoft Showcases New User Interface for Office 12:

"While the Office applications have increased tremendously in power and added functionality in response to customer needs, the core UI has remained substantially unchanged for nearly 20 years. The command bar in Microsoft Office Word 2003, for example, looks much the same as the command bar in Word 2.0 did in 1998. In fact, the new UI is the biggest, most visible change to the way the core Office applications work since the introduction of the toolbar in 1997."

Joel on Software - Fire And Motion

Yet another way of making software that works just the same as the latest version appear old and crusty.
Yet another batch of controls to buy/develop to catch up with the latest look and feel.

Why not spend some time developing a version of;
1) Word that does not randomly muck up the margin / bullet / auto number / font settings
2) Access that does not bloat or crash but does work with a scroll mouse and conforms to basic Windows GUI rules
3) Excel that... well I must admit this application seems to work as it should - make it faster
4) Powerpoint that will restrict words on a page to 20 and slides in a presentation to 5 to stop DBP ;)
5) Publisher/Visio combination
6) Infopath... solution looking for a problem.

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