Friday, April 21, 2006

Many to Many in Microsoft CRM 3.0

Mid Atlantic Microsoft CRM
One of the things that has driven a few newer partners who are used to other CRM Systems bonkers has been how to do a Many to Many relationship type in CRM 3. So after consulting with the experts, it can be done and can be done quite easily.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Replacing SQL cursors without Correlated Queries

Handling Cursor-Friendly Problems in T-SQL: Running Totals Example:
A typical "cursor friendly" problem is one where the data set returned contains at least one column whose value depends on column values from one or more previous rows of the same row set.
The article goes on to compare
Cursor - simplest and at the same time almost the most efficient
Correlated Query - simplest and the least efficient

Then by cunning use of 'SET @variable = column = expression' we get the following
Table Variable - most efficient pure Transact-SQL

this has some potential safety issues that are then addressed by derived tables with an order by clause.
Then he uses the following tweaks to make sure all is well
- FORCE ORDER as a join hint
- force an index to ensure correct ordering.

I am still chewing on this one - but I feel the implications could be huge.
your mileage may vary, but I am excited.

Statistics for NZ internet usage

Computerworld > New Zealand is a nation of dial-up users says Statistics NZ:
There were 1.24 million active internet subscribers in New Zealand between March and September 2005
70%, or 869,300, were modem users
Total residential internet penetration was around 30%
Business uptake of internet connections increased by 17%
66 ISPs compete for the 1.24 million customers
Dial-up access increased 4% from March to September