Friday, April 18, 2008

Office Dysfunction Disorder.

It is a sad fact that in offices around the world there is a sad debilitating disorder slowly robbing staff of their dignity.
This crippling malady is Office Dysfunction Disorder.

What to look for:
Blindness - Unable to see mess left behind in the kitchen
Weakness - Unable to fill a water bottle or even a jug
Joint pain - Destroys the ability to bend down and put dishes in the dishwasher
Hallucinations - Believes in pixies that make the coffee
Delusions - Thinks they are better then other staff (so leaves menial tasks to them)
Paranoia - Advanced cases have been known to avoid pushing flush buttons in toilets for fear of germs.

What to do if you find a sufferer
As the person is suffering delusions, clearly reasoning will not work. As eyesight is impaired friendly gestures will be to no avail. The only avenues open are to target the working senses. Appealing to the ears by Yelling has been effective, although in advanced cases a gentle touch with a baseball bat may be required.

By doing what we can, we can help these poor, tortured souls to remain in society.
Rehabilitation has been know to occur, but only with effort from all concerned.

Don’t be ODD, we can all lend a hand.

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