Friday, April 24, 2009

Cut 8 wires and see what happens

Bruce Perens - A Cyber-Attack on an American City

The city of Morgan Hill and parts of three counties lost 911 service, cellular mobile telephone communications, land-line telephone, DSL internet and private networks, central station fire and burglar alarms, ATMs, credit card terminals, and monitoring of critical utilities. In addition, resources that should not have failed, like the local hospital's internal computer network, proved to be dependent on external resources, leaving the hospital with a "paper system" for the day.

The rest of the article is very interesting.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oracle debug - output a CRLF delimited block of text

v_crlf CHAR(2):=CHR(13) || CHR(10);

v_RemainingText:=v_Orig_Text || v_crlf ;
WHILE length(v_RemainingText) > 1 LOOP
    v_RemainingText:=substr( v_RemainingText
                           , v_crpos+2
                           , length(v_RemainingText)-(v_crpos+1)