Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When the IE8 Developer Toolbar get confused while docked...

Discovering Internet Explorer Developer Tools

Getting Started
Getting started with the tools is simple: press F12 or click Developer Tools from the Tools menu.
Once open, the tools exist in their own window, each one connected to a single tab in Internet Explorer. If you prefer to decrease the number of open windows, pin the tools to a tab by clicking the Pin button or pressing CTRL+P.
Some features of the tools do not need the complete tools interface. In that case, click the Minimize button or press CTRL+M when the tools are pinned. The tools become a row at the bottom of the window, providing access to just theCommand Menu bar.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Things in SQL Oracle Developer I LIKE (and wish I had in MS SSMS)

1) Ability to filter objects (SPROC/functions/tables) with a LIKE (not a contains) and have multiple filters on at the same time

LIKE 'usp_hv%'
OR   'xsp_hv%'
OR   '%maint'

2) Ability to search within CODE using SQL without opening a separate tool

SELECT type, name, line, text
FROM   user_source
WHERE  UPPER(text) LIKE UPPER('%Text to search for%');