Monday, August 09, 2010

And you think YOUR sysadmin is a control freak.

Ex-San Francisco network admin gets four-year sentence

Childs defended his actions during a long court trial, saying that he was only doing his job, and that his supervisor, Department of Technology and Information Services chief operations officer Richard Robinson, was unqualified to have access to the passwords. Childs eventually handed over the passwords to San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Because the mayor is more technically qualified???

Prosecutors characterised the former network administrator as a power hungry control freak who couldn't be managed.

You think?

Childs may also have to cover the city's US$900,000 bill, spent on trying to regain control of its network.

One wonders at the policy of allowing one employee to power to 'own' an entire network. Does San Francisco lack a bus service? (as in what if they were run over by a bus)
Either way, this super-ego is better off not controlling something do important.

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