Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Documenting Foreign Keys in SQL 2012

     , AS FromTab
     , AS FromCol
     , AS ToTab
     , AS ToCol
FROM       sys.foreign_keys        F
INNER JOIN sys.foreign_key_columns FK ON FK.constraint_object_id = F.object_id
inner join sys.tables              PT ON PT.object_id            = FK.parent_object_id
inner join sys.tables              CT ON CT.object_id            = FK.referenced_object_id
inner join sys.columns             PC ON PC.object_id            = FK.parent_object_id
                                     AND PC.column_id            = FK.parent_column_id
inner join sys.columns             CC ON CC.object_id            = FK.referenced_object_id
                                     AND CC.column_id            = FK.referenced_column_id

ORDER BY, PC.column_id

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