Friday, August 13, 2004

Pat Helland strikes again

Why I hate the phrase "Long Running Transactions"...

Whenever I hear about a 'Long Running Transaction', I wonder about where it ends. Let's consider the following example:
1) I decide to take a trip to Europe so I book some airline and hotel reservations.
2) The hotel in London hits a threshold of occupancy and decides to increase staffing and food for the restaurant.
3) The hotel orders more food from the Green Grocer.
4) The Green Grocer hits a threshold and orders another delivery from its shipper.
5) The shipping company hits a thresold and orders more diesel fuel for its trucks...
6) Two weeks later, I cancel my trip.

So, if I believe in long-running-transactions, the shipping company doesn't need any more diesel fuel! I don't think so!

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