Thursday, August 05, 2004

TechEd - Day Three (the pain begins)

SEC201 Defending Against Layer 8: How to Recognize and Combat Social Engineering
Steve Riley at his best. BTW the auction for may password starts here (and begins at more than one chocolate bar)

ARC305 Improving Application Performance and Scalability
Tom Hollander
Good solid, sensible advice. Glad I went.

DEV403 .NET Framework: Writing Faster Managed Code
Nic Wise, recipient of the TechEd purple heart for continuing under fire. Next year can we please have a venue that is finished.
"The one thing you need to do is (insert mind altering screetch noise from the heavens that makes your eyes rattle) and that is it."

Sorry Nic, I could not get much more that this out of your session (and I lost the link to Quake :( )

DEV322 Using Web Services Enhancements v2.0 to secure Web services
Gabe Smith
Torture. One of the 'features' of v2.0 is ease of use. These guys need a dictionary.
I am sure Gabe is a great guy, it is the session that should be put out of our misery

DEV307 Visual C# Best Practices: What's Wrong With this Code?
Valentine Boairkine
Should have gone to the dentist. Even if I WANTED to feel like I was trapped in a C# for dummies book or a Hi-5 TV show I would not have come here.

DEV311 Secure coding best practices (or Writing Secure Code 2nd Edition)
Michael Howard
What a way to finish. Michael has passion, skill and an ability to make me REALLY scared. Please come back.

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ROTFL - An excellent day was had by all !!!

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