Thursday, August 05, 2004

TechEd - Day Two

SEC403 Windows Passwords: Everything You Need to Know
Jesper Johansson
WOW I wish I had been to his first session. Electric, Informative.
no wonder this is the session that will not die.
and yes, he is a good as steve riley

SMT205 Smart Clients in a Service-Oriented World: Thomson Financial Case Study
Brenton Webster
Wierd opening, content that swung from a 100 to a 300 level - Interesting overview, just needed a little focus.

DotNet User Group
this is a must not miss, must support local talent - shame it conflicted with
SEC404 Security Expert Panel
Jesper Johansson, Steve Riley, Ben Smith
but there is one one of me - I'm sure they missed me (NOT)

DEV201 .NET Framework: Exploring What's new in the CLR 2.0
Joel Pobar
Nice overview, The map was a little strange, he seemed a little eagre, but very sincere - and a good topic helps.

DEV310 Threat modeling of possible software exploits
Michael Howard
He is the MAN. He wrote the book on security at microsoft (well co-authored at least)
Writing Secure Code and he knows how to interest an audience. I did not want to leave.

note to sponsers. WE NEED MORE STUFF. my haul so far - pens=2. t-shirts=1, balls=2 and I had to WORK hard for these. c'mon guys t-shirts are cheap adverting. Geeks wear these everywhere. and if you want to buy something technical who do you ask? why not make them a moving billboard. I will wear a t-shirt long after I have forgotten the eye-candy air-heads you have manning your stalls.

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